Best Accelerated MBA Degrees in Australia

Lerna Courses publishes a guide to the best accelerated online MBA programs in Australia. The degrees can be completed 33% faster than usual. Part-time students can finish in two years and full-time students in just one year.

Title: 5 Best Accelerated Online MBA Programs
Author: Lerna Courses
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The MBA guide includes a detailed overview of the benefits and structure of accelerated MBAs. It also provides information about the top five accelerated online MBA programs offered by Australian universities, including entry requirements, specialisations, and the structure of each program.


Lerna Courses helps students find the best online courses, offering analysis of careers and learning options. The team works with universities to provide smooth and rewarding educational experiences. Founded by Dr Andrew Lancaster in Canberra in 2013, Lerna Courses offers trustworthy educational advice and practical guidance.

Key Takeaways

  1. Accelerated MBAs can be completed in two years part-time or one year full-time.
  2. These programs allow continuous study without long summer breaks.
  3. Specialisations are available in fields such as Business Analytics, Digital Marketing, and Finance.
  4. Universities offer multiple intakes throughout the year, providing flexibility for students.
  5. Accelerated programs are designed to fit the schedules of working professionals.

Best Accelerated MBA Programs in Australia

The rankings identify the five top accelerated online MBA programs in Australia. In the latest edition, these are:

  1. UTS Online – Offers a customisable MBA with specialisations and six annual intakes.
  2. James Cook University – Provides a 12-subject MBA with multiple start points and specialisation options.
  3. RMIT University – Features a flexible program with minor specialisations and a social online learning platform.
  4. Southern Cross University – Offers a flexible MBA with 8 to 16 subjects, depending on advanced standing.
  5. Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) – Offers the MBAX (Finance) program, which includes finance and management courses.

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Advantages of Fast Track Degrees

Globis MBA students standing for group photo

Accelerated university courses offer time savings and other benefits for students looking to advance their careers quickly. By condensing the study period, these programs allow students to complete their degrees rapidly compared to traditional programs.

By studying almost continuously, without a long summer break, participants can graduate sooner, renew their job focus, and start reaping the benefits of new qualifications. These programs are designed to fit the schedules of busy professionals. Online courses enable students to focus on one subject at a time, boosting retention and understanding of the material.

Additionally, fast track degrees often offer flexible learning options, including multiple intakes throughout the year and online study modes. This flexibility ensures that students can balance their studies with work and personal commitments. The accelerated online experience makes it easier to achieve educational and career goals efficiently.

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